De film Go, Butterflies, Go! heeft in september bij het Japan Wildlife Film Festival in Toyama een Award gewonnen:

  • Chief of Jury Award - Revelation of Animal Behavior
  • This film is really a succession of surprises.
    The long journey of the butterflies itself is a mystery.
    We can understand that they follow their preferred temperature but why do they go over the mountains in winter and risk death? Why do they not travel in large groups?
    But this butterflies engage with us in an emotional en intellectual level.
    We applaude this mysterious success

  • Japan Wildlife 1997
  • Envirofilm 1998
  • Dutch Academy Award 2001
  • Environmental Film 2001
  • 100.000 gulden prijs Stichting DOEN
  • Het Gouden Beeld, NPL en St. DOEN
  • Best Achievement in Narration 2001,
  • Int. FilmFestival South Africa
  • Art&Tur International, Portugal, Ecology and biodiversity, 2012
  • Grand Prix, Mefest, Servie, 2013
  • Best screen play, Zagreb, 2013


  • Japan Wildlife Film Festival, Toyama
  • Le Festival International du Film d’Environment, Parijs
  • Ekotopfilm, Bratislava
  • Wildlife Vaasa Festival, Finland
  • IFF Ekofilm, Tsjechie